Tax, Accounting, Labour, Notarial and Legal Advisory Services

"The thought is tax-free."

Martin Lutero

The success or failure of any business starts with the planning of its operation and the tax burden implied.

Our mission is to help you to accomplish the success that you and your business deserve through our local and international advisors.

A highly specialized professional team is ready to analyze and assess the specific situation, define objectives and implement those business strategies which would maximize your personal assets and/or your business.

Our goal is to offer you added value by searching customize solutions which suit your needs instead of providing standard products.

  • Advice in corporate structures
  • Customize solutions for  asset protection
  • Fusion and transformation procedures
  • Closing and dissolving corporate structures
  • Due Diligence procedures
  • Stock Administration and Custodial Services
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Local and International Tax Settlement
  • Notary Services
  • Accounting
  • Registration, balance sheets
    • Monthly account reconciliation and Bank reconciliation
    • Customize assistance on accounting matters
    • Submission of Financial Reports to Audit Authorities (AIN in Uruguay)
  • Retail services
    • Procedures with government agencies (Social Security, Insurance Bank, Labour MInistry)